Monnaie Interior Designing Studio

Besides thinking about the purpose and security of a house, our architects in Monnaie also allocate time creatively thinking about how they want the structures to look. So they have to be good artisans and good scientists when they design a building. An architect might be involved in cases where substantial interior structural changes are required or an existing property is being continued. If calculations are needed to demonstrate that all loads within a building structure are safely constructed and properly alleged for, then a structural engineer or a mechanical engineer would be involved. Once the project is in progress, the designer will be working with individuals from many trades.

The professional civility and responsibilities of the interior designer include the formation of healthful and secure indoor settings. For the purpose of developing the quality of life, expanding productivity, and assure the health, safety, and well-being of the public.

Our professional team with light at Monnaie follow the relevance of light as a major factor. The typical understanding of light and architecture turn around the optical system and the psychological reactions, it provokes to space and aesthetics. However, advances in neuroscience have unveiled a new pathway, independent of the visual system, whereby light and darkness balance physiology and behaviour including sleep, alertness, mood, immune function, and health. The use of daylight is an important sustainable design technique. They ensure the maximum utilization of natural light. The light, it creates an ambience and aura in the space. The use of light fixtures that boosts interior objects and makes it a design element. We plan proper placing of lights in an economical way.

We give the client an outlook on “color” in a professional way. How it makes an impact in the rooms and to the family members. They synchronize the colors with the furniture and soft furnishings. It results in making a harmonic relation between interior objects. And our designers keep one thing in mind that the natural light inside the house and the given colors complement each other.