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How do colours contribute to the visually effect of size of a room ?

Colour is key to how the décor is perceived. If it's a big room, paint it a brighter, warmer colour to bring the walls in. Paint a smaller room a cooler colour to push the walls out. Colour also establishes visual weight and balance. If you put a bold primary-based piece of art in a pastel room, it's probably not going to seem right. The colours of the art should balance the colours of the space.In short it’s the correct mix and match of the colour schemes that brings life to your dreams together with the living comfort part of it.

Monnaie Architects & Interiors Welcomes

Monnaie Architects & Interiors,a unique boutique architectural & design firm, stands in a class of its own. We are one of the leading company holding expertise in offering world class corporate architectural & interior designs to customers across the world. Different working areas from the company, provides exclusive affection and dedication to different section of projects involved by Monnaie. We proudly boast of owing and using all modern and advanced methodologies and infrastructure to create Dream spaces that are drop dead gorgeous and judicious.

Monnaie implies that there is more of an emphasis on Planning, Functional Designs and effective use of space involved in this profession. World wide travel experiences are communicated in the firm’s interpretation of lifestyles of the 21st Century.

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To be one of the fastest growing Architectural & Interior designing company in the world.

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To impart spaces by consistently meeting one step ahead of customer expectations by providing value, quality and creativity to commercial and residential spaces.

To be an ethical corporate citizen forever.